Thursday, February 11, 2010


I would like to start this post off by saying that I have not had a job for a bit so my television standards have fallen. I am now hopefully this will not happen again.

So...I watch Dog


Yesterday Ed and I watched three eposodes in a row.

I learned Dog is wise.



After he arrested someone he stopped at a 7-11 to get a chmichanga for them so that they did not go to jail on an empty stomach
(sidenote: I would have declined...I am guessing jail food is better than a chimichanga from 7-11)

When he tries to bribe his grandsons to do something he is super smart and offers them anything they want at K-Mart.
(sidenote: K-MART???? What the hell is in K-Mart?)

He is a very clear and precise prayer. For real, I heard him say that "he thanked God for fish number one, thanked God that they can not be fishers of men number two" I mean he numbers things so God does not get confused.

He can track a man through the forest but only with his shirt off

Last night he taught a kid how to hold, burp and nurture a baby. I am not kidding. It was akward.

So I think I may continue to watch Dog. He has good insights into life and his wife is the best dresser I have ever seen. 


David said...

"You gotta give yourself to Christ Bra. Jesus is the Lord. You can go one direction in life... You can just walk around hallways without a hall pass or you can see the light bra."

kelzone said...

favorite show ever.

Ryan W said...

Dog kicks ass

aubry. said...

there aren't many things we don't agree on, but chalk this up as one of them.

i can respect y'all for watching it. i just don't. i'd rather watch steven segal, mall cop... or whatever.

robin said...

for real, my mom loves this show. and she's like, you know... a mom.

but i have seen many episodes in my time and it's not bad. i love how he and his wife are like super hardcore, but then they're also like the criminal's therapist for the time they're in the car together. talking it through, getting to the root of the problem. i love it.

mattie said...

scott and i were dog and beth for halloween one year. it was awesome.