Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What? I'm Busy?

I have a new job.

I like it. The people are cool and chill and I can get texts without getting fired.

I work the perfect hours of 10-4.

I am pretty excited. I am doing a lot of "people" stuff.

I am a bit overwhelmed but I can do it...right?

Also I got a new calling and tomorrow I attend my first young womans activity.

Ice Skating at the Galllivan Center.


To the ice skating...not the calling.

I am excited for that.

Mia Maids will never know what hit them.

But I will not corrupt them....right?


David said...

Question 1... Yes. Question 2... highly doubt it.

aubry. said...

for real? their logo is a brain? i don't know if we can be friends if i ever have to look at that drawing of a brain ever again. sick.

maybe hold out a little while, like a week at least, before you bust out your iron maiden t-shirt.

will your new boss design me an awesome blog? i need help.

kelzone said...

um you would be the kick ass-est YW leader EVER!!! makes me wish i was a mia maid again.

Brooke said...

You will not corrupt them. You will help them to see who they really are and how great that is. Good luck. Oh and I would love to see you ice skate!

robin said...

oh... young womens. that was my first calling after i got married and man, i was scared! i was very intimidated (especially because most of them were more beautiful and more fashionable than i ever hoped to be at that age, or now).

but now, i would love to have that calling.

you will totally rock at that. totally.