Monday, February 8, 2010

Long Overdue

This band has been my number one favorite band for a lot of years. So that being said know that I come from a place of complete prejudice.

This is the best band EVER

Rock-n-Roll would be stale without them. They have influenced most of the popular music you kids listen to today. I mean do you think Green Day came up with the idea of a rock opera? Do you think Nirvana came up with bar chord heavy riffs? Do you think Taylor Swift came up with singing out of tune on live television? I mean there is even an interview with Keith Moon after he married his first wife where he says if he wanted to keep her he needed to put a ring on her. I mean Beyonce practically stole that.

They trashed hotel rooms before GNR, they destroyed instruments before Maiden, and they sold out arena's before Miss Spears.

With songs like The Seeker, Pinball Wizard, Love Reign O're Me,Tommy and My Generation. Well This band has proven themselves to be Gods of Rock.

So do yourself a favor and at least turn on CSI one day. Or spin a few hits. you will not regret it.

Oh and yeah I am disappointed in the song selection for halftime. But what did you expect. It was on CBS.


robin said...

having grown up listening to frank sinatra, john denver, and broadway soundtracks, i feel a little left out on the whole "classic rock" thing.

however, when i was a freshman in high school, i had a couple friends whose parents were hippies, so they introduced me to that world, so i gained a little exposure. i learned who tommy was... i learned to love classic aerosmith, bad company, and pink floyd. i totally got into it, buying incense and thinking i was alicia silverstone.

so even though i am not a totally knowledgeable who fan (even though i did once watch a complete "behind the music" on keith moon), i agree with everything you're saying here.

and, being the american idol fan that i am, didn't we all love when david cook did baba oreilly?

aubry. said...

that's my girl robin. isn't it a better place when she's around?

you can thank me later for introducing you two in the virtual world. and maybe this summer in the real world. oooh, wouldn't that be exciting.

the who rocked it.

robin said...

aubry, you read my mind! i was totally thinking about the awesomeness that it will be when you, me, and jen get to hang out this summer.

we will plan.

jen, don't mind that we're talking about you like you're not here. it's all to your benefit...

David said...

Their performance at the superbowl reminded me of this

Sweet J said...

Robin and Auby this summer....perfection. We will be unstoppable.