Friday, January 29, 2010


So I had a friend once who loved this show. I never really gave it shot.

Until Now

I will admit something though. I do not watch it for the dancing. Mostly because I can do those ill moves in my sleep y'all. No I watch it because of the akward moments that ensue on this show.


Host Mario Lopez aka AC Slater

OK I laughed the whole hour I watched this. He is trying to be so gangsta. And we ALL know he is not. I mean he was AC Slater for hells sake. I am just waiting for him to rip off his clothes and do that little ballet dance that he did in that one episode of SBTB when Jessie got mad at him because he wanted to go to a football game on their anniversary and she wanted to go to the ballet.

I heard him use "Crunk", "Crank", "Sick", "Bucking" and a whole slew of other words all while trying to act bad A. Give it up can't hang with us.

Judges Lil' Momma, JC Chasez, and Omarion

HA HA HA HA one of these things is not like the other one of these things is not the same.


I mean it is painful to see how JC is ignored by the other two. And how hard he wants to be in with them. I mean they STRAIGHT UP IGNORE him and he still tries. Oh it is comedy.

Also they all seem like they have somewhere else to be. Like, this is just something they are doing until their laundry is done. Come on guys at least FAKE interest.

The Lingo

For any who know me you know I have a gangsta lean. You know, I keep it real. And I likes to keep up on my vocabulary. I means even today I learned new words to add to my ever growing collection. Like....

Crank - New dance moves that are not quite crunk. Also something cool.
"Girl your new Baby Phat satin jacket is hella crank"

Swagger - Dance style that seems to me to you walkin with a purpose and then perhaps leaning a bit.
"Boy you walkin a fool put some swagger in it"

Omarion - An R&B Singer who is ridiculous
"Omarion is a Douche Bag"

Anyways. All I am sayin' is do yourself a favor and check it out. If nothing else but for the cheap laughs. 

I'm Out


robin said...

that is pretty much the crankest post i've ever read.

i'm serious.

p.s. happy getting married and all that jazz!

Shane and Jessica Hamblin said...

come on you know you love AC Slater and the cool way he will sit backwards on any chair possible expecially at the max. Now thats gangsta.

Lisa-Marie said...


this is lisa-marie, aubry's friend, robin's friend, cindy's sister. first, congrats on your wedding. a-mazing reception. if i had to do it all over again, i'd be copying you. seriously, brilliant. and your dress was beautiful and darling and you looked fabulous and so happy. (i saw all of aub's pics on facebook. i've kinda been stalking your wedding!)

so, i've been trying to find the post on aub's blog where she talks about colored tights. i'm ready to get on the bandwagon, but can't find the link to where to get them and of course aubry is off gallivanting with her dad, her boss, and a boy. would you mind helping a girl out and letting me know the site you get all your colored beauties??!! thank you SO much.

David said...

Did you seriously just end your post with an "I'm Out" ?

Lisa-Marie said...

THANK YOU! You might not believe me, but I dreamed about you and Aubry and colored tights all night!

Sorry about the e-mail. There is no hyphen. Not sure where that came from. Oh well. You found me and I appreciate it!