Monday, January 4, 2010

Jersey Shore

Saturday I got a text from a dear friend who I would totally take to any high class social function.

His text read "Have you seen Jersey Shore"

I replied "No"

He said "You need to"

So Aubs and I found it On Demand and started watching.

5 minutes in I was hooked. I watched for 3 hours straight.

These people are train wrecks you can not look away from.

I mean for hells sake the tool in the front row calls himself  "The Situation"

HA HA HA HA seriously. It is funny. It is awful. It is trash TV at it's best.

Real World...but...well....dumber

Go watch it. And then go work out hard and have a Power Bar.


aubry. said...

like i said, the situation is indescribable. you cannot describe the situation.

robin said...

oh hallelujah! something else i need to watch while josh isn't around. shh...