Monday, January 4, 2010

You're invited

In 10 short days I will become Mrs. Edwin Parker

I will be up at 3:45 AM to make it to a 4:00 AM hair appointment
I will be getting my makeup done at 6:30AM
I will have already had 14 Diet Cokes
I will take a million pictures
Smile a million smiles
Eat cotton candy
I will be tired the end of it all I will be Mrs. Edwin Parker

That day will be bliss


aubry. said...

uh, and there will be a griddle flipping french toast at the hair salon at 4 am.

y'all are invited to breakfast too.

Ryan W said...

I couldn't be happier for you two crazy kids.

Suddenly, that chat in a Flying J truck stop diner on the way to 'Dover doesn't seem so crazy after all...

mattie said...

i love your wedding announcement. and the pictures rock! congrats to you two.

aubry. said...

oh, and from the looks of it, you'll only smile like 3 smiles... the rest of the day will be filled with fake serious faces.

i'm practicing. i only have one face... and it involves a smile with all my teeth.

robin said...

love the pictures jen! you're gorgeous. congratulations. you DESERVE it.

an appointment at 4am? how'd you manage that? i couldn't manage anything before 8am when i got married and had to do everything my freakin' self. i hated that about that.

Shane and Jessica Hamblin said...

i want to be there so bad. boo.

Becky said...

You're Mrs. Edwin Parker NOW! Great wedding ceremony today!

Love you! Uncle Larry