Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For Real???

Found out this handy bit of info today.....

First Cousins Applying for a Marriage License

First cousins may marry if they are 65 years of age or older. If they are between 55 and 64 years of age, the district court in the county where they reside must find that either person is incapable of reproduction in order for them to be married.

Qualifications: Any persons related to each other within and not including the fifth degree of consanguinity, except for cousins as stated above, may not be married.

Soooo....there is that.


mattie said...

hahahaha....that made my day. as long as you've hit menopause, you're good to go!

aubry. said...

i mean.... do they just believe you, or do you have to take blood for that or something?


robin said...

this is material i can totally use in balderdash.

Ryan W said...

If I say I already knew that...would you think less of me or more?

Melissy J said...

In that case...I call Edwin when i'm 65!!!

p.s. When I was little I told my mom I wanted to marry Edwin and she told me I couldn't because he was my cousin. I got seriously angry and thought she was ruining my life. I told her I could marry Edwin if I wanted to. I was 4. and... I was right!