Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

I love....

The Gospel
My Savior
My Mom
My Second Mom
My Dad
My Brother and Sisters (Nikki and Fam, Lanny and Kim, Megan and Fam, Jessica and Fam, Little Miss)
My Extended Family
My New Family (Matt and Shauna and Fam, Anita and Jessie, Steve and Laura)
Boe, Sam and Max
Having a Calling
Having a Job
My Friends
Dave and Jared
My Blog World Friends (Robin)
When People Follow My Blog....(Hint, Hint)
Diet Coke
Reality TV
Well TV in General
Alice in Wonderland
Anthropologie, Nordstrom and Urban
How Funny I Am
My Poison Tongue
The Chargers
Dior Show
Red Lipstick

Happy Valentines Day


robin said...

yes! i made the list!

i love you too and i can't wait to see your beautiful face in real life. will we embrace? will we high five? will we kiss each other on the cheek?

i'm nervous . . .

robin said...

ps., i love how my picture on your following widget is cut off. i'm a headless mom.

Sweet J said...

We will hold each other like the long lost friends we are

kelzone said...

ha ha, your list is much more serious than mine. but i love it. yes, i miss your face too. you and ed should come to dinner sometime soon. i will even dress up in my alice dress for you.

Nikki Nielson said...

We love you too Jen! Happy Valentines Day!

aubry. said...

you're the only person i love this valentine's day. well, you and robin and my mom.

but that's it.

thanks for the toast.

Anonymous said...

I made the list more than anyone!

Heidi Janer said...

And do you know what I love. Y.O.U! Thank you for loving my babies. You will have no idea how much it means until you my dear are a mother and we are adoring and quite frankly mauling your beautiful baby. I can hardly wait. Thank you for including me on your list. Not too sound pitiful, but I needed that. . . . I love Ed and Aubry too. I'm sure that I will love Robin!?

Lori said...

I love your list! SO happy that you love me! It gives me a warm fuzzy! :-) We love you & that cute husband of yours too!!

Catherine Lacy said...

Hey i love you but i was just looking at this AND your dogs are not on here haha you don't love them.