Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I broke down.....

and read the Hunger Games.

My young women would be so proud.

I read all three books in three days while on vacation. 

I really liked them.

I mean, they were no Harry Potter.

But there were no glittering vampires so......

I am excited to see how the movie is.

And baby girl will be taught how to use a bow an arrow and start a fire at a young age. These are skills that can be used either for her time in the Hunger Games or when she starts her reality TV career on Survivor.

Oh and Katniss has been added to the baby name list.

1 comment:

robin said...

yep. they're good.

i still have to read the last one, though... so i'm a little behind.

and i pretty much can't wait for the movies...