Wednesday, July 20, 2011


That's right. Girl baby.

I mean I cannot say I am not thrilled. I was certain I was carrying a boy...but no...girl!

I was going to post my ultrasound pic but then I remembered my blog was not private and someone might come steal her in the night. I mean a girl needs to be safe.

We are now busy choosing the right stroller, car seat, and flipper for her first pageant.

We have, of course, thought or names. We love...

Isabella (but we will of course call her Bella)
Ann (but we will spell it Ahnneax7*'s a name and a password all in one)

Thoughts? I am sure we will be able to narrow it down. 

So yes we are thrilled to be welcoming a very well dressed daughter but one thing....

I am NOT excited for pink. The color makes me...well....vomit.

In this day and age there are other colors other than pink. I pray those at my shower know this. 


robin said...

hello kitty and pink it is. i'm on it.

no but srsly, i am so excited for you and i cannot wait to see what you name her and all that good stuff. wahoo for baby girls!

Cydney M said...

Congrats on the girl!! This in no way means that one child is all your having - get that out of your mind. Now for can put any name with Parker. This will be fun

prcessmag said...

Dang! I have to take the outfit I bought back! It's pink....jk jk...the outfit I told you I saw and immediately thought of you was NOT pink! And just so you know, if Roman would have been a.girl, we had Isabella picked out...but that was before I knew about Twilight...I promise...I just love that name! :)

Marci said...

So...I am Aubry's college roommate but have been following your exciting baby story. Hooray for a girl baby and for making all of Aubry's hopes and dreams come true! Congratulations...she will be perfectly beautiful and perfectly matched by her Auntie Aubry.

brooke said...

i am so excited for you and that lucky baby girl!
i can't wait for the (real) name too....
although bella is so original, i've never heard it before!

red can be a good pink alternative.