Thursday, July 21, 2011

Aha! Moment

So today I went to dinner with wonderful women.

Women who have kids and are great moms and are fun and fab.

I expressed the fact that I want my pre-pregnancy body back ASAP.

They all laughed.

I expressed that I will have it back in a month and a half.

They all laughed.

 I know I have been focusing on weight and other things to keep my mind of the fact that there is a baby inside me that will depend on me and I will have to raise and that I will probably screw up. 

So I left that group of wise women and went to a family party. 

I was with more great women, who were excited about girl baby...and I still was just...I don't know....indifferent.


The drive home. 

When it hit me...and hard.

Girl baby in my body....and I love her. And I want her to come. And I want to love and teach and cuddle her. I got so excited that she would be here at Christmas and that she would go to the beach and that she would have so many cousins and great examples of woman around her. 

And so I guess that is how it happens. I broke. The wall broke.

I am having a baby girl. I love that. I love her. 

And the worries about pre-pregnancy body are fading.


aubry. said...

sweet. so, can we go to beto's?

Vanderlinden Clan said...

so glad we could help; this is just the beginning for you. i'm certain you will love her even more than you imagine in this moment. :)

Happy Housewife said...

It was discussed after you left what a fun, awesome mom you will be. You need not worry about your mothering skills - you will love your baby girl - more than your dogs and more than your Mia Maids. All that baby girl needs is your love, and what "type" of mother you are won't matter. You don't have to fit any stereotypes. We've all been there - worried and wondering how we could possibly be responsible for a human life, and somehow our kids are still alive, and maybe will turn out okay in the end, in spite of our parenting. Your post made me happy and I even got teary-eyed. She's a lucky girl to have you for a mom. And if you do have your pre-pregnancy body back in 6 weeks we will all hate you, so there's that.

Shooting Star said...

Just caught up on the last two posts. Congrats on the girl! I will probably be jealous when she gets here.
I didn't love pink and absolutely HATED butterflies before Jayda came along, but unfortunately there is no escaping pink and butterflies on a little girl are a little cuter than massive dead butterflies with wings that look like eyes posted in a glass case in the room your granparents make you stay in when you visit.
I will keep the pink thing in mind though when shopping for you.

Nikki Nielson said...

Tear :) Truely so happy for you.

prcessmag said...

I'm so excited for your baby girl...I mean, she gets YOU for a mom!

Kim Millard said...

You will get your pre-pregnancy body just might take more than a month and a half. Yeah for girls!

mattie said...

congratulations! girls sure are special and you will be an excellent mother. none of us really know what the heck we're doing anyway...

and about the post-pregnancy body, it's definitely weird and squishy. my thing is that it took you nine months to put on that weight, give yourself at least nine months to get it off. you can't even exercise for the first month and a half anyway!

Cydney M said...

Right now I am trying not to cry. So excited for this baby and for you. You will be great!

robin said...

good post.

and girls rock.

so does pink.

Lori Platts said...

What a tender post. You will be an amazing mom and that little baby girl is so lucky! And she is SO, SO loved by so many people already. So sweet.

brooke said...

thanks jen, i loved that.
i think it's something i can let myself worry about too much.