Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I will now eat my words

Under the suggestion of Bestie Aubs....who has all the great hook ups.....

I bought these today in 11x14 for the nursery

That is right I bought princess prints for my girl baby's room.

They are my inspiration pieces. 

But I stick by NO PINK


aubry. said...

you guys, i sent her the link and she gobbled it up before i could even suggest they would make a nice addition to the baby room. i think they call that love at first sight.

also - let's not think of them as princesses. let's think of them as cranky damsels in distress. that makes them... so much more tolerable... and on our level.


prcessmag said...

They are Fabulous!! LOVE it!!

robin said...

princesses are totally tolerable as long as they're not THOSE princesses.

love the prints. i think they are a
GREAT inspiration. i love the colors...