Monday, July 18, 2011


For the past week I have.....

Sat on the beach for almost seven days straight
Ate fab food
Loved on sweet kids
Had great convos with great people
Felt the love of family
Read and read and read
Slept in 
Taken naps
Seen Harry Potter

Today I......

Got up early
Went to work
Got bombarded
Told I could not leave again
Had clients angry with me

I want to go back


Ed said...

Miss you beach...squirrel!!

aubry. said...

And your bestie waited faithfully... like you were on a mission or something. It felt like you were gone for YEARS. Did you get my letters? My packages?! I wrote faithfully...

Nikki Nielson said...

Miss you already! Good thing we will see each other in like 2 weeks :)