Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Beef With Disney

I would like to start by saying that ANYONE who knows me or knows of me knows I love Disney and Disneyland, so know this comes from a place of love.

Dear Disney,

I wanted to draft this letter to let you know that I am hurt and disappointed by the lack of strong female characters represented in your merchandise. I will have you know that not every girl wants to be a princess and SOME of us have been told we are not tall enough to be a princess. Some of us girls like old school (or retro) Alice and some of us like Jessie from Toy Story and some of us like both.

I think it is a shame that we are brainwashed into thinking that we have to love Ariel (barf) or Tinkerbell. I mean I searched all over your damned park for a Jessie pin and could not find a one...and I have owned all the Alice pins you have for FIVE years...time to make some new ones.

I mean we girls don't always need a prince, don't always have to sing, can have a strong opinion and CAN take care of ourselves. I would have spent HUNDREDS of dollars on Jessie or Alice merchandise. I mean I do applaud the new princess Tiana, now there is a strong woman....and I appreciate her strong merchandising but STILL, SHE IS A PRINCESS.

Please Disney, give girls the chance to buy strong female characters. And please make a Jessie hat for adults.

With Love,



aubry. said...

confession: i've never seen ANY of the toy story cartoons.

i have no idea who jessie is.

Lori said...

Seriously? You have a beef with Disney? You just burst my hot air bubble......... And I thought Tink was your favorite?? I'm so confused.

PS - GREAT to see you blogging again!

Sweet J said...

I rarely respond to comments but....I do love doubt...I still cry when I see her on the screen on movies and when she flies in the fireworks show but...I am a purist. I refuse to "Meet" her at pixie hollow and I no longer really collect much of her. It has all been kind of over done. I guess you could say...I am a Disney snob.

David said...

Disney wants to make money so they make what people want. Maybe a letter to the parents who buy the stuff for their kids would be more appropriate.

What do you think Jared?

Ryan W said...

I hope you actually sent this letter in, you raise excellent points that need to be addressed.

aubry. said...

tink's ben living in a glass bubble at the foot of the door to my guest bathroom. jen's over tink. i assure you.