Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I don't know if it is sweet baby craving or just the 5 year old in me but lately.....


Seriously...they are delicious. Like I have passed up Diet Cokes for them.

I mean like I could drink a friggin 12 pack no joke.

Ed even asked me if he could buy it in the bottles and I was like...hell no...mama wants her the pouch.

Go right now and buy one. You will realize the goodness.

You're welcome.


aubry. said...

it's not the girl baby. i bought you those capri suns when you lived with me and were too ashamed to stand in the aisle long enough to stew over which flavor was your favorite.

capri suns at the baby shower. done.

Cami said...

I can't resist a frozen capri sun... delish!

prcessmag said...

We buy those in bulk around here! :)

robin said...

during my first two pregnancies, i could NOT get enough juice! grape juice was my biggest craving. like, i would drink one of those big costco packs in a day. no joke.

and jamba juice. oh man i loved the juice...