Monday, August 15, 2011

Are you KIDDING ME???

Am I really watching this?

The answer is yes.

I am not a Bachelor/Bachelorette viewer.

I do not know who any of these people are.

But I have some friends who said I needed to watch.

So I did.


I mean I watch EVERY Real Housewife and this show has them BEAT in the trash.

There were some pretty sweet lines like:

"I have gained 30 pounds of sheer muscle"
"She is not my type she is a little thick"
"I am literally in the best shape of my life"

But the one mystery that alludes me is this.


She is the ugliest girl I have ever seen. AND she has a lazy eye. AND she won the heart of a Bachelor.

How HOW HOW HOW did that happen? Someone tell me.

So I guess I will keep watching to see if this question can be answered.

seriously....why? was there an ugly girl bachelor? 



prcessmag said...

RIGHT!? This is still my question too...why did Jake pick her? I mean,m he picked her over Gia! Vienna is ugly, and her eyes are totally weird! I cannot stand her, never did, I hated her on the bachelor, I hate her on the Bachelor pad, I just don't like her! UGH!

Kim Millard said...

Amen Sista! Can't stand her. And she and Casey together makes me want to vomit! I don't understand why she wasn't in the running to be kicked off last night. Gia screwed up by running away. She had the right strategy down, get rid of the couples.

Aubrey said...

Once upon a time you had a giveaway and I started reading your blog through Aubry's. This post is too good not to comment. I want to know the same things. Please let me know when you figure it out. She ruins the show...and guard and protect too.

aubry. said...

you are my best bestie, besttttt in the world. and i look forward to discussing these important details with you at dinner.

after we talk about rhobh's taylor + her karma ridden, dead ex-husband.

Ed said...

I love, love, love single Ron! Oh wait...wrong show.