Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I lost a follower today. I mean when you have (had) 80 you notice.

I got to thinking, are my new found pregnant posts boring?

Am I boring?

More pop culture posts?


Well one of my favorites shows Sunny in Philadelphia returns in September.

You should watch it if you don't mind R rated rude people who are mean to everyone including themselves. 

It's a good show.

Also, I've been to jail.



Kim Millard said...

You are FAR from boring girl! I'm sure it was a mistake. They will come running back.

aubry. said...

uh, we lost the same one.
silly girls making silly decisions.

prcessmag said...

Haha...you are the least boring person I know Jen! I mean, I'm not that popular, but I know quite a few people :)