Monday, August 1, 2011

Story Time

This is 8:30 at night

Freshly bathed kids gather around Grammie in the kitchen with cups of ice cream

Grammie asks sweet girl to pick out a book

They read....

Little Tiger's Big Surprise.

Little Tiger was very happy being an only tiger, so when mommy tiger said "there's going to be a new baby, you'll have a little brother or a little sister," little tiger answered.....

sweet boy one - I want to see
Grammie - ok well then move over here
sweet boy one moves
Grammie - no no not in front of the sweet boy two because then he won't be able to see...
sweet boy one moves again
the story continues

"but I don't want a new baby, I like things the way they are." Little tiger went to call on Little Elephant but to his dismay, Little Elephant didn't want to play. "I'm teaching my baby brother how to squirt water," he trumpeted

sweet boy one - that is an elephant
Grammie - yes an elephant and his mommy
sweet girl one - no that is his brother
Grammie - Oh yeah her brother
the story continues

The baby elephant wasn't very good at.......

sweet boy one - elephant!!!
Grammie - shhh sweet boy one
the story continues

Little Tiger hurried on and soon he came across Little Bear....

Grammie - *giggling* oh sweet baby girl
freshly bathed baby girl has her entire hand in ice cream she licks her hand and then she wipes her leg. dad comes over to clean her up
the story continues

She was holding...

Grammie - oh wait where am I...oh yes
story continues

something over her shoulder. "I'm burping our new baby," she told him.

sweet boy one and two have started playing off the blanket
baby girl has decided to stick her hand in ice cream again
Grammie - The End

Such patience...I cannot wait for my sweet baby girl to have such a great Grammie.

Hurray for Grammies


Lori Platts said...

Thanks Jen. I cannot wait for sweet baby Parker to be here. She will be so loved.

Amber* said...

I'd have to say Lori is one of the sweetest!! I love her.