Thursday, August 18, 2011

Things I can count on

Sun coming up in the morning
I will always love delicious Diet Coke
My husband will always love me
My Family will always love me
My Bestie will always be there
I will always be loud


When there are cops in our neighborhood I can text Magali at 12:30 in the AM and we will figure out what's going on.

It will go something like this....

"Magali you call the cops on your neighbors?"
"No why? I have been in my basement watching Intervention for the past two hours"
"Fool they have been pounding on your neighbors door for like fifteen minutes"

This went on for an hour and I will have you know by the time I was done giving the move by move report of what the cops were doing she had figured out what was going on. 

So no worries neighbors, if the cops show up at your door we will have our blinds open watching it all go down until 1:30 in the AM.

Magali and I.....we got it covered

Also 311 is a terrible band.


prcessmag said...

I call us, Neighborhood Watch! Hahaha we are great detectives.

Kim Millard said...

What the heck was going on? Glad you two are watching out! Keep an extra eye on my place. But don't call the cops if an older guy with a little belly is going in and out, that's just my father in law. Then again he has confessed to stealing Diet Coke and frozen burritos from my fridge. hum...

Melwel said...

you make me laugh so and Mrs. Kravitz...can't beat it.
So excited for you and your baby too.