Monday, December 27, 2010


hi friends, aubry here.
mostly known at "miss" around here.

santa brought jen a blog overhaul
by way of my super blog friend jenna of q.a. designs.
clever, right? and sooooo jen.
as i explained it to jenna, i was going for the lisa turtle meets bret michaels look.
we're both in love.

soooooo.... merry christmas jen!

by the way.  jen's the best friend a girl could have.
top three reasons right here:
1.  we both know exactly what to do when the check comes to the table.
2.  she's the only one i'm comfortable enough to sit with while we watch a wicked psycho sexual thriller.
3.  i'm a size six in the anthro dressing room when jen's by my side.

1 comment:

robin said...

i LOVE it! it's so perfect!

jen, now you have to blog more.