Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year

Another year has come and gone.

Lets check the list.

Last year, I said that in 2010 I:

Will still have the best bestie ever - Check

Will get married - Check

Will go to Disneyland/Disney World....Twice - Well I went three times so...check

Will get a job - Check

Will probably speak in church - Check

Will see "Alice in Wonderland" on March 5th - Check

Will see "Harry Potter" for Aubs Birthday - Alas no, I did see Harry Potter but not on Aubs Birthday

Will decorate - Check

Will buy a LAMB purse - CHECK

Will bring my kids home - Check....but i returned one of them at Christmas

Will go to the beach - No....but I have a beautiful sister who is alive so whatev.

Will read more - Uhhhh well does Real Simple count? O?

Will get 567 Oriental Trading Mags - CHECK FRIGGIN CHECK

Will see the Chargers play in a Super Bowl - *sigh* no

Will cry when the Chargers win the Super Bowl - *sigh and tear* no

Will fall in love every single day - Check

Will hear the pitter patter of little baby feet......jk jk jk jk jk jk - .......well we tried, just was not in the cards.

So this Year I:

Will dance my little butt off in a musical
Will go to girls camp
Will go to the beach
Will go to Disneyland at least once
Will read more
Will gossip less
Will work on my language
Will still be at a job I love
Will make my calling and the Savior a priority
Will do my visiting teaching every month
Will lose weight
Will love my husband
Will have days with my bestie
Will gain a better relationship with family
Will become heavy with child
Will have 30 people following my blog
Will blog more
*on my new incredible blog. don't y'all just love it? thank you miss and jenna for your hard work! it is perfect!*
Will be on Oprah
Will plan TWO 30th birthday bashes

Happy New Year


aubry. said...

she blogs!!!!!!
hip hip.

don't forget girls trip to san fran.

prcessmag said...

You inspire me...I love your blog posts Jen!