Friday, January 14, 2011

Chick Flicks

So I was asked why I do not like chick flicks.

I hesitate to answer this fears it will offend. 

But know that we all have our opinions and love me anyway.

I think the main thing is that I am cynical. I know life does not go the way it does in chick flicks or Jane Austen novels.

Not to mention MOST chick flicks have TERRIBLE acting, TERRIBLE directing, and TERRIBLE story lines.

I am not against love long as they are done well.

And I have TRIED to like them. Seriously...I tried. And there are some I like.

For example:

Love Actually
The Proposal
Anything by John Hughes
Mean Girls

But for the most part I would rather watch something blow up, something that scares the crap out of me, or Natalie Portman pulling feathers out of her back.

So count me out of Twilight or the 6 hour Pride and Prejudice.

I'm good.


robin said...

i'm offended.

did i win the giveaway yet or what?

mattie said...

i agree with you. there are very few chick flicks that i like. and i would never pay to see a chick flick in the theater.

HiLL said...

"I know life does not go the way it does in chick flicks"

i must say that through high school i was living a chick flick movie! it was unreal! really, it was. of course it didn't end that way, but i have a whole binder of poems and proof that some men do make chick flicks real. would it have lasted a whole life time, highly unlikely. but that's why i enjoy them at times... to remember the good ol' days. but i can agree.. it's over the top and nauseating because the rest of the population is NOT that way! :>

and jane austen wrote her books/ movies that way because her real life wasn't a fairy tale come true. have you seen 'becoming jane?' ya, you probably wont, but it's about her life. that's what really got me to love her! (i have it when you're interested in seeing jane's sad love life. :> )

but it's cool. it's a nice balance having you and your opinions around! :D makes life more fun!