Monday, January 24, 2011

Cee Lo Green

Uhhh this album is REALLY good.


Like listen to on repeat all day long good.

No doubt you have heard the hit "Forget You" (this is a family friendly blog) but that is just ONE of the musical treasures on this album.

So here is the want the album? Comment and tell me so. I will make you a copy.

That is how passionate I am that everybody should have this album.

I am not joking...this album is a masterpiece. 

Robin...I will even mail copies.


Kim Millard said...

I love forget you! I'll have to look into the rest of the album. I even love the Glee version of the song. That's right, I'm a gleek!

Brooke said...

really? it is that good? besides Forget you? well here is my I still get a copy despite my most recent blog post?

aubry. said...


Happy Housewife said...

I want. Please.

robin said...

nothing i love better than a burnt cd!

i like him... i saw him on ellen. and like i said on aubry's blog, all i know is that bruno mars wrote that f u song and i love me some bruno mars.

prcessmag said...

Cee Lo Green? What station is he played on? I'm going on youtube right now to find that song....maybe I've heard it. Looks old school :) like a 90s album. Does he say a lot of bad words?

HiLL said...

HOW? How did I miss this sweetJ offer? Someday I'd like to bother you and take you up on this! :> I heart this musical love.