Thursday, January 13, 2011

Looky Looky

What I received in the mail today.

Miss got me a subscription for Christmas.

I am THRILLED...oh how I love this magazine. It has so many great ideas that I swear I will one day use.

Until then....they look great on my coffee table, it makes me look all creative and hip.


HiLL said...

um, honey. you are creative and hip!
:> this miss sure is a super great friend! sweet spoilings! i love your blog overhaul too!

aubry. said...

That's right, yo! Best bestie ever, right?!
If yours came, mine came. Finally - incentive to check the mail more than once a month.

robin said...

best magazine ever. i have subscribed for years. i use their recipes ALL the time... they are always good.

robin said...

that was a lame comment.