Wednesday, January 5, 2011

True Blood

So while on vacation I got hooked on this damned show (I mean darn show...watching my language).

I am a sucker for pun intended.

I like all things vampire EXCEPT sparkle skin and mellow dramatic love stories.


This show would be SOOOO much better without it's main characters.

Seriously...I cannot stand Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton.

This should not be a surprise because I hate sappy shiz. But this goes sooooo beyond.

Three points:

Sookie is TERRIBLE. I mean just awful. The worst kind of girl. 
I cannot stand how Bill says her name "sookea".
Anna Paquin needs an orthodontist....and an acting coach

I dream of the day this show exists without them....I literally fast forward their parts so for me it kind of does.

Some come on HBO do me a solid...kill Bill and Sookie.

Then maybe I will buy your damned channel instead of illegally downloading the episodes.....I mean dang channel


Telma T. said...

LOL, we are all hoping that someone flies Bill to Peru (and leave it there) on the 4h season, but I think we won't have such luck.

HiLL said...

ok. lets get to the bottom of this.

i can agree that sappy chick flicks don't quite get me like they use to... like high school. but why do you despise them so? this is a safe space... let it out. you'll feel better... and more importantly i will understand.

isn't it great that i'm commenting on EVERY post! wow. i have a life. feel special.