Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Day Murray Music

So..I am singing in church on Sunday.

So I needed some sheet music.

So I looked online and found this store.

So we went.

So there was an RM music major who was hitting on all the girls showing them great acoustic guitar books that had greats like Sheryl Crow and Taylor Swift. Not to mention all the piano teachers there asking for discounts.

So I went to the section of the store I needed and found the divider that stated "Best Gospel Songs Ever". But it was empty.....

So now I will never know the best gospel songs ever.

So we made our way to the cash register while passing the overweight, drunk, loud, drum teacher who was trying to convince his meth head student to buy a book on hand exercises.

So I moved on and made my purchase, and as we gave the clerk our debit card he asked if we could pay in cash so they did not get charged the processing fee.

So we paid in cash and left.


The internet was invented for a reason.


robin said...

that is really funny. i can't believe there was really a section for the best gospel song ever. i mean, who decided that?

so, what are you singing? and i wish i could play the piano for you. that would be neat.

Ryan W said...

pay in cash? I would have purchased more things with my debit card just to screw them. what an awful experience!