Monday, January 10, 2011


Our ward changed from 9:00 to 11:00 at the new year.

I thought for sure I could make it on time this's 11:00.

But at 10:42 I was not yet dressed.

You would think that we could still get there at 11:00 considering we are literally 10 seconds away from our building.

As I started to construct my outfit I realized something.

7 outfit was 7 layers.

at 10:59 I was finally dressed looking frantically for Morange.

I am frustrated and getting snippy and complaining that I always have so many damned layers on on Sunday.

So at 11:10 we walked into church.



But necessary.


Ed said...

Well I did remind you about the roast (necessary) around 10:30, so maybe next week...

brooke said...

i see you got your boots?

whatever they are... adorable.
and trust me... I. GET. THE. LAYERING. THING.

robin said...

add four kids to the mix and you miss sacrament meeting entirely.

and are those THE boots? i might steal them from you...

aubry. said...


HiLL said...

and you looked flawless. again.
how many times do i need to tell you this?

i loved your lip stick.
your tights.
i noticed your new anthro boots!

no matter the number of layers. you look amazing. so deal with that.

i could have 3 or 30 layers and just wouldn't quite compare!

prcessmag said...

You looked Fab though....oh and I did notice the cute boots that you wanted for Christmas, when you got up to say the prayer in sunday rock those boots like nobody's business!!