Monday, March 28, 2011


So my dad is from a small town in Wyoming.

A lot of my family still lives there.

This past weekend was prom.

They have it in the gym and they decorate it themselves.

It was...amazing

The juniors are announced cotillion style

Christmas lights and paper lanterns 

This fountain has real goldfish in it....a delicate addition to this special night

All the juniors come out and for an entire song promenade around the gym.

Homemade stream with bridge....nice

Crown bearer Boe. She got to present the crown to the prom queen.

Honestly as I left that night I thought...that was endearing.

My prom was at a golf resort.

My prom queen was the sluttiest girl in school.

At this prom they gave the honor to a special needs girl.

I joke that I would never live anywhere that was not within 50 miles of a Nordstrom.

But things like this make me jealous of small towns.


prcessmag said...

Looks amazing, what a fun Prom!

robin said...

that is so charming...

yeah, other proms are pretty trashy.