Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Last night at 11:45 I laid awake.

Here are some of the thoughts that went through my head:

I need to get up at 7:30 and shred
Tomorrow...VT, Homemaking
Wait it is not called Homemaking anymore...what is it called? 
I should have paid attention when they announced that at General Relief Society
HA HA chicken salad sandwiches
I need to get glasses tomorrow
Does she mind I am getting the orange too?
There comes a time when you realize that you are talked about behind your back by those you love
Don't keep things bottled up...just talk to me..even if you are mad
General Conference in Logan in a room decorated like the Taj Majal
I will need to shred in Logan
Why can't I body roll
Stupid Julianne
Ohhhh American Idol...why WHY would America vote off Casey and not Paul
I hate Gretchen....like a lot
Don't start a purse line unless you are Gwen Stefani
Oh I love Gwen Stefani
I love ice cream
We have ice cream
Is it to late to have ice cream?
Ed roll over
I love my husband
Yeah I saw it on her blog months ago
She is angry and will not get over it....nice way to live life
Thought of a blog and shivered....too schmoopy

And that was the last thought I had before slumber



prcessmag said...

I hate those nights when your mind goes nuts with random thoughts....Oh and by the way, Gwen Stefanie is the only concert I have ever been to. She was here in 08...I think ?? :)

aubry. said...

gwen was here in 09. jen, remember when we had tickets and you came home from logan, puking, so i went with brit by myself?

that was a great show.

in other news, nothing you mentioned in your post can't be solved in g-chat. you should reprioritize your bed time thoughts. g-chat. tomorrow. sleep. tonight.

robin said...

gretchen is a disaster.

but tamra is even more.

and i know... american idol. what a shock. casey should win.