Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Best Sugar Cookie

Look there are just some things I am an expert on.

Sugar Cookies is one of them.

I have tried them all...

Smart Cookie
The Chocolate
Anywhere else that is not in heaven ALTHOUGH I am sure these are in heaven


This is not a joke...this is the best thing EVER.

Melt in your mouth delicious.

Not to mention everything else there is perfection. 

Best bakery in Salt Lake hands down.


Melwel said...

I concur.....I bought two bouchons, 1 gingerbread cookie and 1 chocolate oreo type cookie just yesterday and ATE them ALL.....yum

robin said...

now that's a place i have been.

and i agree. aubry let me have a bite of hers and it was heavenly. my mouth is watering.

now... onto something else. last night i had a dream about you and ed parker. i was at your house and you had this beautiful dress that i really want from anthropologie. ed was talking about how he went and got it for you (and the story that he told was really so sweet) and i was so jealous. there was also this part of the dream where i was taking a shower at your house really late at night and we were gonna go out on the town but the place we were going was closing in like 15 minutes but neither one of us wanted to be the one to say, "let's just NOT go"... and while i was taking a shower, some guys came walking downstairs (cause i was showering in your basement by the stairs?) and i was scared cause he was gonna see me naked.


~Erin~ said...

If you like cookies you need, need, NEED to go to Ruby Snap. You would love it! All the cookies are named after 1950's pinup girls. It's so cute!

aubry. said...

my favorite party of this is robin's dream. i mean... you two are internet besties... met once in real life... and she dreams of you. that is a tentacle success story if i've ever heard one.