Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today is Lucky For Me

Today on St.Patrick's day I was hoping for luck.

Boy did I find it!!!!

While waiting for a meeting today I went to Smiths.

I needed to...use the little girls room.

While there I decided to check out the culinary delights at their deli counter.

I decided on a box of pre-packaged sushi.

I went and sat at a table and THAT is when my luck began.

I got to overhear two workers discussing how the deli I HAD JUST BOUGHT FOOD FROM failed the quality review and THEN listened to them DEVISE a plan on how to CUT CLEANING CORNERS so they could pass next time. And how is was especially important for them to pass because this was the second time in a row they had failed. I literally stared at them with the face of  "I am right here and just purchased food from your deli"

As I finished I gathered my things and what do I hear??? A pirate over the loudspeaker trying to lure prospective "eaters" to the deli to try their new fish sandwich that is so so great because it has cheese on it. It went on forever with phrases like "walk the plank of delicious" and "a'hoy hungry maties"

As I walked out of the store I followed what I can imagine was a RAGING meth addict to his car. As he and his dad got in the dad yelled at his son to "buckle up". How about yelling "stop smoking meth"

So thank you Smiths for making my day so lucky.

Lucky indeed.


mattie said...

i'm guessing this is the smith's downtown? i've had some interesting experiences there as well, but i would call none of them 'lucky.' what a place.

aubry. said...

"there is no chance, no fate, no destiny tha can circumvent or hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul"

- elder quentin l. cook.

also, do you know the terminal velocity of a snowflake?