Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Oh Mike Starr

I rooted for you so hard core in Celebrity Rehab.

I was an AIC fan back in the day.

This makes me sad.

But I know you would want me to tell this story to lighten the mood.

So here it goes.

Let me set the my bosses office going over production schedule.

Me - Hey were you an AIC fan?
Boss - Yeah...
Me - Mike Starr died
Boss - Who?
Me - Original bassist from AIC...drug overdose
Boss - Sad
Me - Yeah...Alice in Chains.... not doing so hot
Boss - Well they will do ok, it's about the lead vocalist anyway, that is why they are successful.
Me - (check the calender to make sure it is not 1995)  uhh the original vocalist?
Boss - Yeah that is why they make good music.
Me - Uhh yeah well then AIC is really in trouble because Layne died like a decade ago
Boss - Oh...I was wondering why I have not heard anything from him.

RIP Mike Starr

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brooke said...

he was one of my favorites.

but he was nuts-o!