Monday, March 21, 2011

American Idol

So..lets talk American Idol.

I just have a few thoughts.


Last week I thought of a great drinking game (if I drank). Every time Randy Jackson name drops a band you drink. You would be wasted in minutes. I swear he is ALWAYS name dropping.

But on the other hand...if you don't know an artist don't let the world know Jennifer Lopez. I mean Ryan Adams is a pretty big deal.....he is engaged to Mandy Moore..oh now you know who he is.

*sigh* Paul McDonald. There has NEVER been a contestant I disliked more than this mess. I mean I want Sanjaya back. I cringe every time he sings. Like cannot stand him or his crazy dancy walk he does on stage. And AND if this is the way music is going....buh. her....hated the white pantsuit

Please refer to previous posts on Steven Tyler aka the new Paula. BUT fun fact...on my analytics one of my highest search phrases this month was "where can I buy the pink ruffled shirt Steven Tyler wore on American Idol". So whoever got to my post from that phrase.....Dillards.

No surprise that James Durbin is my fave. I am WAITING for some GNR. I mean Judas Priest? This guy is a keeper.

Ryan Seacrest is a tool.

I was a fan of country music back in the day. And let me tell you. Scotty holds his mic like a cowboy. It's funny.

Marc Anthony looks like skeletor.

You know you are old when Leann Rimes is featured on "who is your idol" night.

Colors of the Wind...enough said....wait one more thing...she had a feather in her hair...wait one more thing...I was in college when that song came out. 

Have you seen the SNL skit with the other two Black Eyed Peas? Priceless.

So there you have only take a drink when Randy name drops.


robin said...

alright... let's have this out.

james... really? remember his fake mohawk back in the day? i can't get past that. i know, i know, the stylists got their hands on him, but... i don't know. he seems like a great guy and i kinda like his voice, but... i don't know...

and pia? not exciting. that white pant suit was HORRIBLE. in fact, i have pretty much hated all the girl styling this season.

it is ALL about casey.

and i see what you're saying about paul, but i like him. but they REALLY need to put him behind a guitar or a piano or something so he stops flailing around.

and i know! can you believe that j.lo did NOT know who ryan adams is? that was embarrassing.

and i don't think people should put the words "idol" and "leann rimes" in the same sentence.

i am old, too.

Cydney M said...

I like James but he seems on the verge of tears all the time. The boy can sing....
I must register a complaint - sorda hated all the ballads these girls sang - let's get some life on that stage. Maybe not as much life at the rapping, rasta girl but at least she was different.

Pia, great voice, always trying to show too much leg. I might too if those were my legs!
Paul could be having a seizure on stage and it would look the same as his "dancing".
Scotty - real cowboy, great voice but but I can't listen to him for very long before I am reaching for the remote.
I like Casey - different, real. I have to confess that I like Lauren - give her a decent song and a decent outfit and she is great as far as real vocal talent goes.
Jen, all Randy can do is name drop. He doesn't have anything else to day!

aubry. said...

hey, guys. today jen asked me if i liked paul.... but prefaced it with "this won't ruin our friendship, but..."

give me some credit, bestie jen. my taste in music isn't THAT low.