Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Hair

Here it is.

The debut of my new hair.

This could also work as Concert T-shirt Friday posted on a Saturday.

Rolling Stones

Top three favorite Stones tunes:

Paint it Black (in my list of top 20 songs of all time)
Sympathy for the Devil
Under My Thumb

or and I Can't Get No Satisfaction but only when Britney covers it.


Happy Saturday


Becca said...

LOVE the new hair and LOVE the Rolling Stones!! Grew up listening to them.

Melwel said...

Love the hair. It's crazy for me to see you in bangs again....".you're a pretty girl, mamma."

Lisa-Marie said...

i LOVE the hair cut. i'm glad you didn't listen to aubry, even though i thought you should since she knows your hair. but it turned out darling! you ROCK that cut and most couldn't.

Kim Millard said...

You look fabulous! And I love the headband. ;)

Jalene said...

ahhh!!!! so cute. i love it!! i still haven't gotten mine done. it's so damaged from the show.

Cami said...

Love it! But I think you'll need to be careful... this makes you even more desirable.

robin said...

i totally left a comment the other day but it disappeared. so, lest you should think your cute hair went unnoticed by me I LOVE IT!