Sunday, March 13, 2011

And just like that......

The play is over.

This has been a long road for me.

Lots of laughing and lots of crying in my car on the way home from rehearsals.

I am grateful I had the opportunity to be in "Hairspray" and so grateful for the friends I made like:

Who came early to help her dance challenged counterpart and never complained

Who always told me I was doing good and laughed at my jokes

Who helped with the most stressful part of my night...the mic

Who made me laugh every night right before the curtain came up

Who was saddled with a "newbie" and was ever patient

For laughing with me during you can't stop the beat

For Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine

For laughing so hard he cried when I told him my husband and I were having sex for my birthday

For being so kind to me

For giving me my one final terrifying moment on the bench

For putting my entire family under a love spell...they LOVE you

For being the captain of this post

For buying Lady Marmalade

For just smiling and taking all of our teasing

For remembering that dancing was hard for me and telling me I was doing a great job. Hooper in the house.

For showing me that me when I grow up I will be bitchin

For telling me I am like Pam...wait....actually I hated that

For "cut a bitch"

Mary Ann
For being a great mom who could have been in the council

For stealing the show every night

For giving me the chance

For being a patient teacher


For really being my shoulder to cry on. For being there through thick and thin and showing me the true meaning of teamwork. Ahhhh the laughs we had. Like remember that one time in the green room when we were all talking and stuff and you said that one funny thing? Priceless. I will miss you most of all.

I will miss you all.

Thank you for all you did.



tjrman said...

Jen, I love you!

robin said...

when i was growing up, my whole family was involved with a local theater. i LOVED it. the last show was always such a waterfall of tears. i remember SOBBING during the last song and curtain call. my friends and i would just cry, right there on stage... we could barely sing. and then backstage... forget about it. it was just a sob fest.

so, i feel your pain. it's hard to finish something like that...

aubry. said...

The play is OVER!!!

Dear hairsprayers,

Thanks for taking care of my bestie for the last four months... we promise to keep the friendship alive... we'll come see you in annie. BUT. The play is OVER and my bestie is mine again. when we spend the equivalent hours of four months of rehersal and show time at nordstrom and downtown restaurants in, maybe I'll let her do another show.

Wait a minute. No I won't.


Bestie miss.

Jalene said...

Aww I love you, jen!! Can we be real life friends who hang out and stuff??!

mauricio eduardo said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :) you're family is so cutee :) haha.. oh how i love you jen!! thanks so much for the memories!
bahahahaha for quacee.. haha :D

Actor said...

Just so you know:

I never felt "saddled.

Miss you! And your butterfly pin! ;)

Cami said...

To Jen:
For being the one who proved to us all and the world that it's never to late to learn new tricks. And be awesome at them!

Ruthie said...

You did such a wonderful job. ^_^

Melwel said...

I was impressed with you..........just like looking in a mirror!
Love the humor....and your love for Quacee is "pritty cool."

Jenna Cole said...

For spoiling me with Justin Bieber, and making fun of me for Justin Bieber.