Thursday, March 31, 2011

Are you a Jessica or Elizabeth?

I am a Jessica...I mean come on. I am a Jessica.

So Francine Pascal put out a new Sweet Valley book.

The first since 2003.

But who is counting?

I mean like 2 years ago I was teased with the prospect of a Sweet Valley High Movie.

But alas it never came to be.

So hopefully this will tide me over. I mean I doubt it will have a maniac trying to kill Jessica, an elopement, or Elizabeth killing Jessica's boyfriend in a car accident (a crime she was acquitted of).

But it will be a  peak into the Wakefield adult life.

 Come on Diablo Cody.....hurry up with that script.

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nessabirdie said...

that would be a great script if Diablo Cody wrote that!! OMG, great idea ... anyways, love the blog and the layout ... it's really cool! :)