Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Birthday by Bestie

When I got up this morning I was 34.

I have actually been dreading this birthday.

Old, no kids, other things.

I was sad.

I got a call from my boss that we lost a pretty big project.

I was sad.

I finished getting ready and walked downstairs and saw all the snow outside.
I was sad.

I almost ran smack into a big box with my name on it....


Smart Cookies
MAC Lipstick

All from Miss

Who braved the snow on the day before she went out of town and tried for another plan that failed but she did not give up. 

Best Bestie Ever


Kim Millard said...

Happy Birthday Lady! Make sure Ed spoils you! And what are smart cookies? They look amazing!

prcessmag said...

How fun! Looks delicious, but I have the same question...what are smart cookies?

Jalene said...

happy birthday, jen!!! hope you had a great day!