Thursday, February 24, 2011


I am not a watch person but these beauties may change my mind


Remember the Swatch Watch?

Remember how you could switch out different bands and faces?

Well here it is again only cooler.

ENDLESS possibilties.

I mean if Toy Watch is good enough for Randy Jackson they are good enough for me


aubry. said...

in case anyone doubted us, we're besties.... one brain, two bodies. similar taste in everything but music and men.

january 2009, y'all.

HiLL said...

i think i hate you. stop showing me these amazing things! hahaha i just found like 10 watches i really would love to have. did you see the jelly looped watches? pretty sweet. i also loved the pave jelly cases! a lil bling to the picture.

anyways, on with my day :> haha

robin said...

swatch watches were pretty much the reason for my existence when i was eight...