Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Family Photo

Few things to know

My dad is totally sick with the stomach flu in this pic
Ed and Shane love being matchy match best friends
These kids were so stinkin cute and I was so happy Mayli chose to sit on my lap
I broke my own rule and wore heels with jeans
Just before this pic we discussed how Shane should hunt homeless people

but most important...

I love my family


aubry. said...

heels with jeans? i'm going to start calling you jessica simpson.... because she's the only one who still does that.

prcessmag said...

Ohhhh, I wear heels with jeans all the time, is that a fashion faux pas? Now I feel dumb :( but I love heels and I love putting those together just makes sense in my world :)

robin said...

nice jen. offending the jean/heels wearers of the world...

(i am not one of those.)