Monday, February 14, 2011


I had a phone convo today that went like this:

Costume Mistress for Hairspray (CM) - Hi Jen
Me - Hi
CM - Ummm I need to tell you something and I don't want you to be hurt or embarrassed
Me - uhhhh ok
CM - You need to wear a tighter bra on stage...I was there on Saturday and you were bouncing too much
Me - uhhhhh
CM - A sports bra would flatten you out too much so just tighten the straps or something
Me - uhhhhh
CM - The show is looking great
Me - Thanks
CM - OK just wanted to tell you before someone else did
Me - ok, thank you
CM - You are welcome 

True story...I mean story of my life really

*disclaimer - the costumes are amazing and it was really sweet of her to call*


brooke said...

there are worse things in life. if that would have been me they would have said, "buy some spanx damnit!"

robin said...


i once got an awkward phone call from a friend who warned me about a guy i was hanging out with... he had given herpes to her sister and she wanted to warn me.

Kim Millard said...

If it was me they would be telling me 'I think you need a padded bra'