Saturday, February 12, 2011

Opening Night

Tonight is the night.

Rehearsal every night
Character shoes
Dance pants
Self doubt
Convertible tights
New Friends
$150 worth of MAC makeup
Hours away from my Husband
A cut in Bestie hours
Practicing in front of my mirror
Costume headaches
Time away from my girls
Increased self doubt

Has all come down to this

Tonight Hairspray opens to an invitation only crowd.

We open to the public on Tuesday.

All I can think about today is...

#1. I did it...I friggin did it. I mean I did not think I could....but I did it.

#2. Don't fall off the bench.


HiLL said...

OH ya! Rock the bench! :>

I think EVERYONE should see it! It was fantastic!

robin said...

good luck! i wish i could see it. maybe next time we see each other you can do a little singing and dancing for me...

Cami said...

Not only did you do it, you are amazing at it! Thanks for making my 'hairspray' experience fun/happy/full of laughs. I think I would have lost it without you!...Can we be friends?