Monday, February 14, 2011

On This Day.....

I love

My Husband
My Family
My Bestie
My Savior
My Young Women
My Job
My Friends
My New Hairspray Friends
who talk to me before they spin me around and calm my nerves
 Jalapenos in my Popcorn
Cute Texts from My Dad
Diet Coke
My Health
Any Real Housewives
That Dave Knows That Train Winning A Grammy Is A Sign Of The World Ending
That Sammi Finally Left
That I Get To See My Family in Two Weeks
Warmer Weather
Blog Friends

Happy Valentines Day


aubry. said...

top three, yo!

you forgot stephanie, the bountiful food pantry task master.

prcessmag said...

High five for Sammi finally leaving! Woohoo :)

robin said...

who's sammi?

and i agree with you on the train thing, however, i would rather have train win than taylor swift.

Ed said...

What about Buffy?