Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hot Topic

This is not a joke.

25% of my wardrobe comes from Hot Topic.

It is a must on any shopping day...I live for concert T-shirts.

Usually Miss and I go to the Gateway and start at Anthro and J Crew.

So when we get to Hot Topic we are laden with Anthro and J Crew bags.

That really is the greatest I walk in with these bags and ask if they have any new Iron Maiden shirts.
 (Funny side note, this also starts convos like "you should not be wearing that as a young womens leader" or "no Jen, Sex Pistols is not acceptable either" )

This store has it all from Kanye to Lil' John to Gaga to Beiber.

I tend to stick to 80's metal.

I mean I even have a loyalty card. 

So yes Robin, Hot Topic....and when you come next we will take you.


aubry. said...

Right?! Anthro, j.crew, hot topic. Check, check, check. And remember how they never offer me the club card? Just you. Buy me that 90210 shirt at a discount, will ya?

robin said...


reluctantly i will go.