Friday, February 4, 2011

Concert T-Shirt Friday

*disclaimer...I had just had my hair trial done for hairspray so....*


The Who

My favorite band

3 Favorite Songs by The Who:

The Seeker
Pinball Wizard
Can't Explain
Anything that is on CSI (that was a joke)

Happy Friday!


aubry. said...

thanks for posting this. when i meet you for lunch in 20 minutes, i know we won't be wearing the same thing. well.... kind of. a concert tee and a cardigan. but it's not the who and it's not yellow.

robin said...

you will be proud to know that i taught my children a little about the who the other day...

pinball wizard was on the radio and i told them about how the who is one of the greatest bands ever. it was one of those tender parenting moments.

Brooke said...

just beause Baba O'Riley is a CSI theme does not make it a bad song.