Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Miss Navy.

Three months
Blessed and official
Sucks her fingers
Grabs at things
Chubby cheeks
Smiles big when her mom sings old R&B hits
Rockin a sweet schedule that includes 12 hours of sleep at night
Sleeping out of her Angel Wrap....(that was a tough one)
Still sweet


raising4boys said...

She is the cutest thing!! You will be grateful for these posts. I always loved to remember those moments :) Glad you are getting much needed sleep. Hope to meet her someday soon!

HiLL said...

super cute! love the update!

aubry. said...

seriously. either i work to much, or you drug her before i come.... because i'm yet to see the tight cheeked super smiley babe. just the calm cool and collected one. i'm not leaving until i see this from her.

robin said...

she really loves you! 12 hours?! amazing!