Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Chicken Salad Sandwich

Two years ago at the Relief Society Broadcast I took miss....

We have kind of started a tradition...we switch off stakes...mine one year hers the next.

Aubs and I always joke about chicken salad sandwiches.

Mormon staple.

They are everywhere. 

I like my bonus mom's and usually only at the beach....but that is really it.

Aubs...well....not a fan.

So we show up, as we walk in she says

"if they are serving chicken salad sandwiches i am out"

And guess what...they did.

And I laughed and laughed. 

So today as my mom took me to lunch at the Joseph Smith Memorial I had to laugh. 

On the menu....

The BEST Chicken Salad Sandwich. in? 


Kim Millard said...

I'm in! I love me some chicken salad sandwich!

christine said...

nothin' wrong with a good chicken salad sandwich!! get in my bellehhhh!