Friday, March 16, 2012

True Story......

I just started crying with excitement at the start of this post.

Tonight is the night.

Miranda Lambert. 

Oh how I love her.

Like we go back....

I think you, as my readers, know I am not a fan of new country. It makes my heart sad.

Except for a select few.

Miranda....she is like a female Merle or Waylon or Hank.

She sings REAL country. No crossover crap. 

Look...let me give you some reasons I love her...

1. When I was in jail, I kept to myself to rehabilitate...but there was a girl who had a radio and every time "Famous in a Small Town" came on, she would try and switch it....and I would damn near cut a b to get her to keep it on the channel. That is not an exaggeration...I had words with that girl more than once. Miranda was my bright spot sometimes. And that song will always have a special place in my heart. 

2. I did the whole Nashville Star thing the same year she did. I mean I did not make it on TV...but I made it pretty far. I said I was going on to bring back strong female country singers. Well Miranda did that for me.

3. She is a song-writer. And she writes more than break-up songs and cheesy poppy crap. 

4. She shreds on the guitar.

5. Blake and Miranda = George and Tammy...without the tragedy

6.  Girl baby Navy loves her....her favorite song is "Baggage Claim" unedited. Navy is pretty hardcore.

I die for tonight. I had the chance to see her in Vegas when we went to see Oasis...but we went to Tesla instead. And I was sad. Not about Tesla of course...but that I missed out on Miranda.

She is rowdy and strong and fabulous and beautiful.

And BONUS this is Ed's first country concert. I mean he has NO idea what he is in for. 

I die.

Here come the tears.

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Kim Millard said...

Guess who just scored tickets...I will look for you. I'm giving Miranda another try. ;)