Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Random Things....

The floors in Navy's nursery are SQUEEKY. So in order to stare at her when she sleeps (creepy) I have to do a mine field like jaunt across the floor to her crib as to not wake her up.

Today I ordered a photo book. I am a mom.

Thoughts on the mix tape? I have gotten mixed reviews. I am sure you are ALL thinking that the GNR on it is the best. That or "Another Night" by Real McCoy...that was a GEM I was happy to re-discover.

I am couponing. Ed and I made a deal...he puts a certain amount into my account for food and such and whatever is left over will go towards a Disneyland trip in November. I am ROCKING it. I mean I even went to customer service to argue about the price of cereal. I am serious about it.

Today I became an adult. I was able to be put on the auto insurance WITHOUT hurting our cost. In fact...I helped it. Big day y'all...big day.

Mad Men was......perfection. Everything I hoped for. 

I miss my best friend. Meh.

VACATION! Ed and I are going to Logan again this year for conference..THEN...I am going to AZ for two weeks. HOLLA.

Did any of you watch the Young Women's Broadcast? My Young Women were in it. They were the most beautiful ones. 

I love being surrounded by strong, funny, capable women. 

Saw the Hunger Games and it did not disappoint. It was beautifully done and I found the camera work captivating.


Melissa Weight said...

Yay for Logan! She is so sweet! WE just got back from Disneyland- LOVE! I hope you guys are doing well.

Carrie said...

That's really great that you have a specific goal in mind with your couponing. I think that's always been my mistake when I've used coupons. I may be saving, but to what end?

Anonymous said...

loved that!


I LOVE the mixed tape and it has become my Spring mix for running-thank you!