Wednesday, March 28, 2012


In the blog world there are crafty fabulous people.

I am not one of them...I am just a recovering addict with great taste.

And there are things out there that these bloggers make...that I want. 

And this week the two things that topped my list...I finally procured.

A sweet family portrait by ashmae


baby moccs by freshly picked.

Do you die???

I do.

I mean I have ashmae hanging in my home and those baby moccs are worn by celebrity tots. All this thanks to bestie and her sweet contacts and birthday gifts.



Kim Millard said...

LOVE! Both the painting & the moccs!

christine said...

Lovely family portrait and the shoes are TOO cute!!

robin said...

the portrait is GREAT!! I love love love it! and of course the moccasins are perfection...

aubry. said...

Ashley really did great at making your boobs NOT GIANT. That might be the best birthday gift of all your birthdays since 6th grade.

Bravo, Ashley! For real.

Cydney M said...

So I realize that I am not culturally up to date or politically correct, but I don't get the no face thing. Just different or is this a new trend? Cute faceless sketch, but I confess to missing the vibe. Love the mocks!