Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year

Last Year

Will dance my little butt off in a musical - Check
Will go to girls camp - Check
Will go to the beach - Check
Will go to Disneyland at least once - Boo no.....
Will read more - Check 
Will gossip less - Ha ha ha ha no
Will work on my language - Ummm it actually got worse
Will still be at a job I love - Quit that job to be a mom
Will make my calling and the Savior a priority - Did ok...could have been better
Will do my visiting teaching every month - *sigh* no
Will lose weight - Yes and then gained it in pregnanacy
Will love my husband - Every day
Will have days with my bestie - Check
Will gain a better relationship with family - Check
Will become heavy with child - Check Check Check
Will have 30 people following my blog - WOOT check
Will blog more - Check
*on my new incredible blog. don't y'all just love it? thank you miss and jenna for your hard work! it is perfect!*
Will be on Oprah - *Sob* no
Will plan TWO 30th birthday bashes - Check

This Year

Will lose the baby weight
Will read the Book of Mormon with my husband
Will try a new recipe once a week
Will love on my sweet girl baby
Will remember birthdays
Will drop ONE swear word....I even know which one
Will read a book a month
Will have a blow out J Crew birthday with Bestie (I mean esse)
Will not cry about turning 35 anymore (seriously it freaks me out)
Will start a craft night and a book club
Will SERIOUSLY do my visiting teaching every month
Will still have Bestie Saturdays
Will go to Hawaii for Thanksgiving
Will budget
Will have 100 followers on my blog
Will be kind
Will NOT get pregnant
Will stop and breath more
Will be happy
Will survive the apocalypse
Get three month supply (just in case)

Happy New Year


prcessmag said...

You did so great! 13 things checked off your list. You will love Hawaii, it's my most favorite place....other than Disneyland :)

Shooting Star said...

K dude, let's do it to it! Next Thursday? Call me :)

Jillian said...

You crack me up!! I love this post :-) Way to go on getting things checked off!!